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Rail Solutions

For more than 30 years, ATI-INTERCO develops interconnections solutions for rolling stock and signalling applications.

From board systems to communication equipment, ATI- INTERCO is known to be one of the major suppliers for harsh and safety environments.

ATI-INTERCO considers efficiency, data and power, with respect to environment and comfort.

OEMs work closed to ATI-INTERCO to develop innovative and reliable solutions.

Push-pull connectors

Multi-contact circular push-pull connectors come in 2 parts, with a plug fitted with 2 hyperboloid socket contacts and a receptacle fitted with 10 prong contacts.

Made from high performance materials with high performance finishes, these connectors can be used in severe mechanical and climatic environments.

These bronze or bronze aluminium connectors incorporate :
- a cable gland connector for potting and a sleeve
- O-ring gaskets
- push-pull locking.

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Bayonet connectors

Multi-contact circular bayonet connectors come in 2 parts, plug and receptacle, with a size 12 body fitted with 3 gauge 20 crimp contacts.

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Connectors for rail track switches control systems

High performance materials with high performance finishes, suitable for use on railways for transmitting signals regarding the position of points.

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Noryl® connectors with flat contacts moulded into the insulation block.

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ATI-INTERCO is part of the ESARIS Industries Group

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