Power supply connectors

Multi-contact power supply connectors


These multi-contact power supply connectors are fitted with 2 filtered contacts.

Made from high performance materials with high performance finishes, these connectors can be used in severe mechanical and climatic environments.

These aluminium alloy connectors incorporate: 

  • contacts combined with filter components mounted on the IC in the insulating block
  • sealing ensured by moulding in polyurethane resin and a bi-material gasket (anti-corrosion)
  • wire outlet and connection by CMM connector.


  • Insulator: Polyurethane resin
  • Finish: Tinning
  • Contacts: Copper nickel alloy
  • Protection index: IP 68
  • Climate category: - 40° C/+ 75° C


  • Light
  • Signal filtering
  • EMC shielding
  • Sealed
  • Good reliability in severe mechanical and climatic environments
  • Total protection against dust and prolonged immersion.

Power supply connectors

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