Connectors for rail track switches control systems

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High reliability signal contacts


Made from high performance materials with high performance finishes, this connector is suitable for use on railways for transmitting signals regarding the position of points.

It provides rapid connection and disconnection, thus permitting a reduction in the time required for assembly/dismantling and avoids wiring errors.

This connector incorporates:

  • a sealed body
  • high reliability signal contacts
  • secure locking
  • corrosion protection.


  • Receptacle body: Peek
  • Insulator: elastomer
  • Pure anode oxidation protection
  • Positive locking
  • High reliability signal contacts
  • Resistance to extremely severe environmental constraints.


Connectors for rail track switches control systems


  • Clean signal transmission under vibration
  • Sealed connection and operation
  • Resistance to temperature and ageing
  • Secure locking under vibration
  • Corrosion resistance.

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