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2mm connectors

2mm connectors

The 2mm contact pitch connector family, designed and manufactured by ATI-Interco, offers equipment designers a reduced PCB-board space and are well fit for use in harsh environments.

The product portfolio includes Board-to-Board, Cable-to-Board and Cable-to-Cable interconnect configurations.

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he8 connectors

HE8 connectors

The 2,54 mm pitch PCB connectors for harsh environments bring solutions mainly dedicated to the aeronautic and military applications in accordance with NF UTE C.

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backshells connectors

Backshells and accessories

ATI-INTERCO offers several series of high performance accessories like backshells for circular and rectangular connectors in standard sizes, and specific customisations like junction boxes, as well as a wide range of cabling components.

We insure reliable locking mechanisms as well as finishing to full fill corrosion expectation and EMI resistance.

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